Call for Proposals – Fall 2019

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Florida Atlantic University at Boca Raton seeks applications for series and program proposals for Fall 2019. Our Fall 2019 term begins in October. We encourage presenters in all range of disciplines to consider submitting proposals for either a four(4)-week or eight(8)-week series and/or One-Time Events.

We are especially seeking series proposals in the following disciplines: economics, current affairs, history, art, science, literature and cultural studies. A limited number of series will be designated for faculty who are new presenters. You can propose either a four-week session or an eight week session. Occasional two hour one-time events may also be scheduled.

Our series / events generally meet once each week for ninety (90) minutes; faculty compensation is based on student enrollment numbers.

Most of our programs are held in the comfortable 500-seat Barry and Florence Friedberg Auditorium. Faculty, drawn from the FAU academic community as well as from the extended academic and Boca Raton community, are expert lecturers who have a passion and talent for conveying subject matter in an interesting and intellectually engaging way to non-traditional adult learners, many of whom are college or post-college graduates. While not required, presenters are strongly encouraged to supplement lectures by using visuals such as PowerPoint slides or other media.

For additional information about our program and current program offerings, view our current semester on-line at this web site:

If you have previously submitted a proposal in the online system, please do not create a new account. Use your login information that you have already established. Should you need them, there are tools on the login page to help you retrieve your login information.

As part of the application process, presenters may be asked to submit a current CV. You will be contacted later with instructions on how the CV should be submitted.

New, prospective presenters may be asked to provide a lecture sample, either via the web or a recorded version, as part of the application process.

Our program evaluation committee takes into consideration whether the lecturer / entertainer can also be seen at other competitive venues; FAU faculty, new presenters and those who offer programs exclusively for us will be given preference.

In order to receive full consideration by the our Board of Advisors’ Curriculum Committee, the deadline for submission for Fall 2019 is Monday, February 4, 2019. 


Proposals should include the following:

Program Description: The focus should be on a general description of materials to be covered, and objectives and outcomes of your series. Your detailed description needs to accurately reflect the program / presentation content and should be no more than 100-150 words.

Lectures: Should include the title and no more than 1 ½ additional lines of text .

Biographical Information: Should be limited to seven lines highlighting training, professional experience, activities and awards/honors.

Equipment Request: Should be submitted with your proposal indicating your use of slides, CD, DVD, overhead projector, PowerPoint or other media.

Be sure to include all the required information and use, as sample models, the texts in our current Program Schedule descriptions. Decisions about program proposals that require extensive editing and revisions may be deferred to a future term.

Please review the sample proposal form below so that you can see the kind of information we are seeking.



For help completing this on-line proposal form, you can contact Judith Scara at