Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. Our hours of operation, at The Gilman Lobby of the Friedberg Auditorium, are Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Q. Where will the programs take place? What do I need to know about the venue?

A. Our programs take place in the Friedberg Auditorium at Florida Atlantic University located at 777 Glades Rd., Bldg. #31-C, approximately 1/2 mile east of I-95. Enter the campus at the main entrance (Glades Rd. & West University Dr. Entrance) and proceed on W. University Dr. The Friedberg Auditorium (Bldg. #31C) is located to the right of the first traffic light. Parking Lot 15 (exclusive parking) is located to the left of that traffic light. The Friedberg Auditorium is wheelchair accessible. FOOD AND DRINKS (except water) are NOT allowed inside the auditorium or in the lobby.

Q. How does parking work?

A. PARKING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PROGRAM. Parking Lot 15 (located across the Friedberg Auditorium) is exclusively zoned for patrons. Parking is available in Parking Lot 15 or in any “Blue Permit Parking” space on campus.

Q. Can I park in Parking Lot 15 to attend an event at the Barry Kaye Auditorium?

A. No. Parking Lot 15 is exclusively zoned for our patrons and is only available to patrons attending our program. If you use Parking Lot 15 for an activity not sponsored by us, you are subject to a parking citation.

Q. How do I check if my membership is current?

A. You can check the status of your membership, and renew it if needed, online at Simply login by inputting your patron ID number (found on the front of your patron ID card). Your membership is valid from the time you pay the $60.00 membership dues until the coming June 30th.

Q. How do I check my schedule after I have registered?

A. You can check your schedule (including the dates and times) at After entering your patron ID number (located on the front of your patron ID card), click on the “View Registered Lectures” tab. There you can review all the programs for which you have registered.

Q. Why haven’t I received a program book in the mail?

A. There are a number of reasons why you have not received our program book by mail. First, only paid members receive our program book by mail. Also, if you have provided us two mailing addresses, please make sure we have your correct departure and arrival dates to Florida. It will be very unlikely that you will receive the program book by mail if you have not provided us this information. To update your departure and arrival dates to Florida, please visit

Q. If I can’t receive a copy of the catalog by mail, where else can I obtain a copy?

A. Every catalog we publish is available to read and print online. Access our webpage,, and select the Boca Raton campus option. Then, click on the picture of our current catalog (located on the left-hand portion of the homepage).

In addition, we have copies of our catalogs available at the Gilman Lobby of the Friedberg Auditorium, Boca Raton and Delray Beach Public Libraries, and selected surrounding Palm Beach County libraries.

Q. Can I pay for lectures over the phone?

A. We cannot process payments over the phone. You can register for lectures in person, or via fax or mail. If you have paid your membership dues, you will also be able to register online at and will receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase.

Q. How will I know if the payment transaction has been completed?

A. A transaction confirmation will be sent by mail within 10 days of processing your payment. As soon as your payment is processed, you will be registered for your selected program(s). You may also review your schedule online at under the “View Registered Lectures” tab.

Q. Do you use a ticketing system?

A. No. We do not use a ticketing system. You will receive a transaction confirmation by mail. The programs you register for are automatically loaded onto your patron ID card. You will only need to show your patron ID card on the day of the event.

Q. How much are “day of” tickets at the door?

A. If there are “day of” tickets available for a given program (i.e., the program has not sold out) prices charged at the door are as follows: Lecture Series: $20 per ticket per lecture (for one lecture out of a series). One-time Events: $35 per ticket. CREDIT CARD ONLY. These prices apply to members and non-members.

Q. What time should I arrive?

A. Generally, we open the auditorium doors one hour before the event starts. We suggest you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the event start time. If you are attending a sold out event, please arrive earlier to allow time to find parking and seating. We start programs on time.

Q. How will the seating process work?

A. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no reserved seating.

Q. What should I do if I cannot find my patron ID?

A. All of our patrons must show their patron ID cards in order to attend our programs. If you lost your patron ID card, you will need to purchase a replacement card for $10.00.

Q. Can I transfer out of my current program to a different one?

A. All requests for program transfers must be submitted in writing via email to, or in person at the Gilman Lobby of the Friedberg Auditorium by completing a “Transfer Form.” All transfers require administrative approval.

Q. Can someone else attend a program in my place?

A. Yes. To be admitted, your guest must present a written authorization from you and present your patron ID card at the door. The written authorization must include your name, title of the program, your signature and your guest’s name. To avoid a parking citation, your guest must also provide the license plate information of the vehicle parked on the FAU campus.

Q. Can I cancel one of my registered programs?

A. All requests for program cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to, or in person at the Gilman Lobby of the Friedberg Auditorium by completing a “Drop Form.” No refunds will be issued on programs that were part of a bundled discount purchase or once the program or lecture series have begun. All refund requests require administrative approval before processing.

Q. Can I request a refund for a registration payment made by check?

A. Check refunds are possible, however, the process is complicated and may be lengthy. Your bank’s routing number and other identifying information are required for check refunds, and the refund must be direct deposited into your checking account only. We encourage all of our patrons to pay by credit card to avoid any refund delays.

Q. How can I update my vehicle’s license plate information?

A. You can update your personal information, including your vehicle’s license plate information, online at After entering your patron ID number (located on the front of your patron ID card), click on the “Patron Info” tab. There you can update your personal information. Or, you may also contact us by phone, email ( or in person at the Gilman Lobby of the Friedberg Auditorium.

Q. What if I left one of my belongings in the Friedberg Auditorium?

A. Please call our office at (561) 297-3185 with a description of your lost item, and we will search our lost and found section.

Q. As a member may I sign up for a one-time event the day of the program?

A. Yes you can sign up but you will charged the non-member price.