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Where to Find Your Patron ID Number

Patron ID numbers can be found on your Patron ID card and on the back of the program catalog that was mailed to your home if you are an existing member. You can also look up your patron ID number by clicking on the “create a new account” button below. If you already have a patron ID number, it will appear after you enter your name, email address, and click in the box for home phone.

How to Get a Patron ID Number

If you do not have a patron ID number you can create an account online.


Note to Nonmembers

Nonmembers are allowed to register for programs online. However, as a nonmember you will not receive the benefits of membership such as discounted program fees and 10% off all online purchases. If you would like to receive these benefits, you will need to add membership to your cart once you have logged in.



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