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Is Genetic Testing Right For You and Your Family?

Steven Charlap
Health & Fitness
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23andMe, AncestryDNA, Color Genomics, Invitae, and Ambry. The list of genetic testing companies is long and growing, and they all want you to get genetically tested. But is testing right for you? Does your age matter? After his brother's passing from a genetically mediated cancer, Dr. Charlap spent three years at Stanford studying genomics, doing published genomics research, and receiving a grant from Stanford to create a tool to help people determine if genetic testing is right for them. He then spent two years at Harvard continuing his research. Come learn everything you need to know about genetic testing to help determine if it is right for you and your family.

About the Instructor

  • Steven Charlap, M.D., has spent the last thirty years focused on doing well by doing good. His first endeavor, HealthDrive, became the largest U.S. provider of medical and dental services to more than five million elderly patients. At HealthDrive, he also built the first multi-specialty mobile electronic health records system in the United States. Afterward, he founded MDPrevent, the U.S.'s first multi-specialty preventive and primary care medical clinic. Charlap earned his bachelor's degree from Yeshiva University, and his professional doctorate from New York University. He trained as a surgeon at Beth Israel and, earned his master's degree from Harvard Business School. Charlap was a Fellow, a published researcher, and grant recipient at Stanford, and a visiting scientist at Harvard. He is currently the CEO and Chief Medical Officer at SOAP Health. Charlap is also an author, celebrated public speaker, and mentor to hundreds.