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To Fuel or Not to Fuel: Should You Switch to an Electric Vehicle?

Stephen Kowel

Course Description

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are here, and more are coming. Consumers have to decide when, not if, they are going electric. This lecture will review some of the current electric cars and trucks and discuss the factors that make a BEV purchase an appropriate choice now or in the next few years. This lecture will explore the initial cost, ownership costs, the charging infrastructure at home and away, performance in the heat and cold: range, driving experience, one-pedal driving, comfort safety, and autonomy. Finally, the environmental impact will be examined. How green are BEVs? Space is limited.

About the Instructor

  • Stephen Kowel, Ph.D., earned his doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He has held faculty positions at Syracuse University, the University of California, Davis, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the University of Cincinnati, where he also served as dean of the College of Engineering. He has been elected a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and of the Optical Society of America (OPTICA).