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Death Experiences & Life Foundation

Michelle Angel

Course Description

So much of how we deal with death and grief is wrapped up in our first death experiences, culture, and family background. This discussion group will embrace philosophy and theory that will help support the understanding of your life/death foundation. Often, work in this area of self-inquiry alleviates and resolves unresolved grief and gives perspective to life’s greatest questions. Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Join Michelle Angel, a lifetime student of Thanatology and author of “I Sell Tomatoes, Inspiration and Consideration Before End-of-Life” for a deep guided discussion and “examination” of death experiences and how they affect the way we live our lives. Space is limited.

About the Instructor

  • Michelle Angel, Guide and Consultant for end-of-life, earned her bachelor’s degree in human services with a concentration in Thanatology. Author of the book “I Sell Tomatoes, Inspiration and Consideration Before End-of-Life,” Michelle has been doing extensive death work for over thirty years. In her private practice she facilitates a good death and an easier transition for the dying and their loved ones. Her work extends to individuals with issues in grief and/or the fear of death and often end-of-life preparation before end-of-life. Michelle lives locally, counsels’ clients globally and offers workshops and discussion groups teaching “Death, Dying & Living Fearlessly.” in South Florida and the Northeast.