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Qigong for Summer Health and Happiness

Lisa Kirshon

Course Description

Celebrate the Summer in a positive and fulfilling way. In Qi Gong, each season is associated with a different element, and Summer is the season of fire. The fire element is related to the heart, which contains powerful emotional energy that drives who we are. By practicing particular Qi Gong postures and movements with focused attention, fire and heart energy is directed in a healthy way, and we can feel more profound joy and love. Enjoy this ancient sophisticated mind-body practice and live life to the fullest with greater joy, passion, and love. You will feel the positive changes! Space is limited.


  1. Introduction to Qi Gong: Essential fundamental training components.
  2. Preparation: Practice Qi Gong Fundamentals - specialized movements with mind training and standing meditation.
  3. Introduction to Crane animal Frolic for Heart Health
  4. Self-Massage and Continued Practice: Introduction to Acupuncture Points for the Heart
  5. Purifying the Chi: Introduction to Sound Healing - Practice Specific Sounds for Greater Heart Health.
  6. Review and Practice Qi Gong Movements: Closing meditation on the five elements while seated and relaxed, allow instructor to guide you through a beautiful visual meditation for greater mind body health.

About the Instructor

  • Lisa Kirshon is a Wellness Educator of the Chinese Healing Arts of Qigong and Tai Chi for more than 30 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge, education, and inspiration to her teachings. Lisa also provides virtual teachings, "Wellness Without Walls "for Corporate Wellness, Universities, private country clubs, and senior centers. She is a Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, and holds Qigong Certifications from internationally renowned health educator Kenneth Cohen, and NASM; CPR and AED, AHA Heartsaver.