Simon Glynn

About the Instructor

  • Dr. Simon Glynn has a PhD from Manchester University in England, and has previously taught at McMaster, The Open University, Universities of Manchester and Liverpool and the University of Georgia. His research interests include contemporary continental philosophy and its application to the natural, human and social sciences, and to cultural analysis, as well as social and political philosophy. Professor Glynn has been contributing editor of a number of books, including Sartre: An Investigation of Some Major Themes, European Philosophy and the Human and Social Sciences, and Continental and Postmodern Perspectives in the Philosophies of Science, and published many articles in other books and leading journals, including Sartre, Phenomenology and the Buddhist No-Self Theory, The Phenomenology of Consciousness and the Deconstructed Identity of the Human Subject, International Perspectives on Pragmatism, Deconstructing Terrorism, Democracy, Liberalism and Freedom, The Dynamics of Alternative Realities, The Logos Mythos Deconstructed and The Hermeneutics of God, the Universe and Everything.

    Lifelong Learning Professorship in Arts and Humanities, 2016-2017