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FGD10111 – A Guided Discussion With Dr. Stephen Engle: The War at 75: Abraham Lincoln and “Gone with the Wind”

10:00 am
777 Glades RD, Bldg. 31C Boca Raton, FL 33431 United States

By the 1930s, Americans had little connection to the Civil War, but found a Òusable pastÓ in the conflict as New Dealers, civil rights activists, and Hollywood tried to provide relief by looking backward. Abraham LincolnÕs popularity surged but so did author Margaret MitchellÕs, whose novel, “Gone with the Wind”, offered a sympathetic portrayal of the Confederacy. Following an overview, participants will discuss the ramifications and outcomes of the ever-changing narrative of the Civil War.ÊOpinions are bound to vary! The success of this new format hinges on the tolerance and mutual respect of each attendee. OLLI Boca is confident that participants will engage in the spirit of open-mindedness and civil debate.