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The Israeli Political and Electoral System: How it Differs from the U.S.

Miriam Dalin
Politics / Jewish Culture & History
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Do you want to be able to follow the news about Israel but find yourself unable to understand exactly how the country actually works? Then this lecture is for you. Dalin will speak about the roots of Israel's political system in interwar Poland, Great Britain, and the Ottoman Empire; how voting is arranged around political parties, not specific candidates; what laws make up Israel's equivalent of a Constitution; and why the system of proportional representation means that multi-party coalitions are necessary to form and maintain a government, giving great power to otherwise small parties. The major issues of Israeli politics, as well as the history and governments of Prime Ministers past and present, will also be discussed.

About the Instructor

  • Miriam Sanua Dalin, Ph.D., is a professor in the department of history and the Jewish studies program of Florida Atlantic University, specializing in American Jewish and Israeli history. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and received her doctorate from Columbia University; she also did graduate work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. She is the author of three books, most recently "Let Us Prove Strong: The American Jewish Committee, 1945-2006." She is the Academic Adviser of the Jewish Community Oral History Project of the Boca Raton Historical Society.