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The Science of Wellness:  The Science of Happiness

Lana Jones
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Well-being is a buzzword these days. Everyone wants to know how to achieve it. This lecture will explore one key factor of well-being: our level of happiness. So, what makes us happy? Why are some people happier than others? What can we do to achieve ultimate happiness and contentment in our lives? These are questions that have captivated humanity for centuries. Thanks to the fairly new field of positive psychology, researchers and scientists have used scientific methods to examine many of these questions. Dr. Jones will take you through the birth of the science of happiness and positive psychology, define how science conceptualizes happiness, discuss what the current research tells us about joy, and identify common habits of happy people. The lecture will offer simple tips and tricks to pursue greater happiness in daily life. This event can be highly beneficial alone but will be enhanced with the other Science of Wellness programs: The Science of Gratitude and The Science of Flourishing. 

About the Instructor

  • Lana Jones, Ph.D., is currently an instructor in the Psychology Department at FAU. Jones earned her doctoral degree in neuroscience from the University of Miami and her master’s degree in experimental psychology from FAU. She is primarily focused on utilizing positive psychology techniques, improving pedagogic approaches, and providing an equitable and inclusive environment in the college classroom. She is also pursuing a second master's degree in counselor education in order to provide counseling services to clients in the future.