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Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds: International Intrigue in Art Law

Laura Reich
Arts & Letters
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Fakes, forgeries, and frauds in the art world are more common than you think! "Fakes" are everywhere, but the definition of a fake varies based on circumstances and culture. So what makes a work of art a fake? Can a "forgery" or "fraud" still have value? How many improperly authenticated pieces hang on the walls of the world's greatest galleries? And what does it mean for art to be "real" anyway? Answering these questions will require an in-depth exploration of the law of authenticity, provenance, and originality. History is replete with art scams and the wild stories accompanying them. By studying some of the most famous forgeries in art history, we will consider art's intrinsic value and importance. By considering more recent art forgery scandals, we will consider what art means to the modern world and the impact of media attention on a work of art. Immerse yourself in the entertaining and scandalous world of art fakes, forgeries, and frauds. You'll never look at a work by an Old Master or a popular cutting-edge artist the same way again!

About the Instructor

  • Laura M. Reich, Esq. is an attorney and arbitrator focused on art and communications law. She is a partner at the law firm of Harper Meyer, based in Miami, Florida. She is an adjunct professor at Florida International University School of Law and instructs paralegals at Florida Atlantic University. Ms. Reich is the current Editor-in-Chief of The Florida Bar’s International Law Quarterly. A frequent author and lecturer, she recently published "Reversing the Silk Road: The Rapid Rise of the Art Market in Asia and its Implications, International Law Quarterly"; "Prepare to Win: First Steps in International Arbitration, The Woman Advocate, and The Art of Arbitration, International Law Quarterly." Reich is also an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association and the Court of Arbitration for Art. Her educational background includes the University of Florida College of Law (JD) and University of Florida (BA).