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The Soda Fountain:  The Rise and Fall of an American Institution - Boca Raton

Robert Feeney

Course Description

Join Robert Feeney for this one-time event as he brings to life the history and anecdotes of the soda fountain in America and its association with the corner drugstore. Long before the Civil War, soda water was considered a medicinal remedy. Robert will guide you through the rise and fall of this bubbly business. He will blend fond memories of cherry phosphates, lime rickeys, and root beer floats with the history behind the now-famous (and some not-so-famous) fizzy drinks of yore. Space is limited. "He was one of the best and knowledgeable speakers I’ve heard at FAU." - OLLI Patron

About the Instructor

  • Robert Feeney is currently Assistant to Special Collections at FAU’s S.E. Wimberly Library. His passion for history has taken him to 17 different countries and to experience such adventures as visiting headhunting tribes in Amazonian Ecuador, excavating dinosaurs in the American West, and retracing the steps of Lawrence of Arabia in modern day Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan. He has worked as a SCUBA diving instructor, high school history teacher, and professional archaeologist. He is a member of the famed Explorer’s Club of New York.