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Gold, Glory, and God:  Conquistadors in La Florida

Robert Feeney

Course Description

Once Ponce de Leon walked ashore somewhere between today’s St. Augustine and Melbourne in 1513, the Florida landscape  was never the same. Join public historian and archaeologist, Robert Feeney, on an exploration into the material culture and world of European conquistadors. Their story will be told from the perspective of the food they ate, the weapons they used, and the equipment they brought with them. Feeney draws on his experiences as a historian, archaeologist, and historical reenactor, to bring you fascinating presentations combined with his personal collection of unique historical artifacts, museum-quality replicas, and images taken on his world travels. Space is limited.


  1. The Caribbean World in the 16th Century and Daily Life on Board Exploring Expeditions
  2. Sailing into the Unknown: Navigation in the Age of Exploration
  3. Old World Meets the New World: Food and Drink of the Conquistadors
  4. Weapons and Armor in the Age of Exploration

About the Instructor

  • Robert Feeney is currently Assistant to Special Collections at FAU’s S.E. Wimberly Library. His passion for history has taken him to 17 different countries and to experience such adventures as visiting headhunting tribes in Amazonian Ecuador, excavating dinosaurs in the American West, and retracing the steps of Lawrence of Arabia in modern day Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan. He has worked as a SCUBA diving instructor, high school history teacher, and professional archaeologist. He is a member of the famed Explorer’s Club of New York.