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Positive Psychology: The Skills of Cognitive Reframing

Priscilla Marotta
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Join in learning how to change your feelings by changing how you think. The world is a complicated place. As you grew up, you did not get a manual on how to manage your life. Gain an understanding of the significant developments in neuroscience. Identify your patterns of cognitive distortions and develop a new skill of cognitive reframing that will have a positive impact on your life. Learn the words that can reduce anxiety and how to overcome ruminations. Explore how to get relief from negative emotions, increase your experience of well-being, and maximize your life.

About the Instructor

  • Priscilla Marotta, PhD has been a Florida clinical psychologist since 1988. She is the former President and board member of Florida Psychological Association, Broward Chapter, and ten-year board member. She was recognized by the Florida Psychological Association with a Public Service Award and Woman of the Year. She is the author of Power and Wisdom: New Path for Women, and co-author of

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