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The Great American Short Story Club-II 1979-2008

Caren Neile

Course Description

Do you love book groups but don’t always have the opportunity to read the book? Here’s a chance to enjoy the camaraderie, education, and fun of a book group every week without having to dedicate much time to reading the selected material. The Great American Short Story Club provides great literature by email and on paper that explores our most celebrated and interesting writers' experiences, imagination, and values—in short, manageable doses. Want to participate in the lively discussion? Terrific. Want to sit back and learn and enjoy? Be our guest. The lively conversation will delve deeply into the meaning of the week's story without sacrificing the simple pleasures of reading a good story. Handouts are provided for each story. Space is limited! "Caren is a real asset to OLLI." OLLI Patron


  1. "At the Anarchists' Convention": John Sayles (1979)
  2. "Blown Away": Anthony Dale Gagliano (2006)
  3. "The Bris": Eileen Pollack (2007)
  4. "The Lie": TC Boyle (2008)

About the Instructor

  • Caren Schnur Neile, Ph.D., MFA, has taught storytelling studies, memoir and other writing, and public speaking at FAU and other institutions worldwide for over two decades. Her numerous publications include the books "Peninnah's World: A Jewish Life in Stories," "Florida Lore," and an entry in "The Oxford Handbook of American Folklore." Dr. Neile has ghostwritten and edited memoirs and other works for numerous clients and has performed in 7 countries and 13 states. She was a founding editor of the international academic journal "Storytelling, Self, Society," and is past chair of the National Storytelling Network. Dr. Neile appears weekly on the public radio WLRN radio and podcast segment "The Public Storyteller" and contributes a monthly column to the Sun-Sentinel.