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The Golden Age of Jewish Humor You Don't Have to Be Jewish to Love This Humor! (rescheduled to Tues., March 15)

Stephen Z. Cohen
Comedy / Jewish Culture & History
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What makes a joke Jewish? Why are we laughing? The answers and many other insights are revealed as the collective Jewish experience is explored in hand-selected humorous material. Traveling the timeline of Jewish life from old country shtetls through immigration to and assimilation in the "goldene medina" of America, Cohen delivers a far deeper understanding than the typical stand-up comedy routine. Gain a better understanding of why Jewish humor is such an integral part of the Jewish culture. This “edutainment” isn't just funny; it's smarter than that! Renowned for his exceptional delivery, spot-on dialect, thoughtful commentary, and warm audience rapport, all are welcome, and one need not be Jewish to "get" the joke. Come share the laughter and reminisce. Bring a hankie; the nostalgia may induce a few tears.

About the Instructor

  • Stephen Z. Cohen Ph.D., is an author, educator, entertainer, humorist, and lecturer. Retired from the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago, he taught social group work practice and group psychotherapy. An early expert in the field of gerontology and services to the elderly, he co-authored an award-winning book written for the layperson. But his greatest delight has always been in the telling and the analysis of classical Jewish jokes and stories. As a presenter of unique and nostalgic performances, lectures, and courses, he has regaled audiences at prestigious venues across the country.