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Inheritance: A Bestselling Memoir Explores Contemporary Ethical Conflicts 

Robert Meyers
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In Dani Shapiro's bestselling memoir, Inheritance, the author's life is turned upside down when she discovers her deceased father was not her biological father. The author's quest to find her biological father and learn more about her past presents numerous ethical dilemmas to explore. Those with similar life experiences to Ms. Shapiro can undoubtedly relate to her story. But the memoir has broader implications for the rest of society, serving as a case study on ethics. The book speaks to issues of great significance for families, scientists, businesses and policymakers to examine, as it touches on privacy and confidentiality; science and technology; disclosure and deception. The series will utilize the themes presented in the memoir to explain the connection between values, morality and ethical public policies and how "breakthroughs" can present a unique set of challenges. Moreover, the program will analyze how scientific and medical advances in the areas of DNA testing, genetic engineering and methods to combat infertility may yield beneficial results but also generate unintended consequences for individuals, families and the public-at-large. 


  1. Discussing Major Themes Presented in Inheritance: Identifying Values and Their Sources
  2. Explaining the Steps to Reconcile Values: Present a Values Matrix
  3. Connecting Values and Ethics: Ethical Decision-Making
  4. Developing Ethical Public Policies in the Areas of DNA Testing, Genetic Engineering and Infertility Treatments

About the Instructor

  • Robert Meyers is a partner in a major South Florida law firm, specializing in ethics and conflicts of interest. Meyers spent 13 years as the Director of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and has taught ethics at five colleges and universities over the last 30 years. He has conducted hundreds of training sessions and workshops on ethics and has presented papers at local, state and national conferences. Meyers has won numerous awards for innovative programming in the field of ethics.

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