Program Details

Guided Discussion: Pollution Prevention and Sustainability

Masoud Jahandar Lashaki

Course Description

This series will be a “myth buster,” as it covers some of the most controversial and pressing issues of our time. The series will explore topics in industrial ecology, green chemistry, green energy, and more. Open discussion will be the backbone of this course. Attendance is limited to 20 participants.


  1. The History of Environmental Pollution
  2. Climate Change Science
  3. Climate Change Science
  4. The Principles of Sustainability
  5. The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990
  6. Life Cycle Analysis
  7. The Environmental Impacts of Transportation and Energy Sectors
  8. The Environmental Impacts of Transportation and Energy Sectors

About the Instructor

  • Masoud Jahandar Lashaki, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of environmental engineering at FAU where he researches the development of novel adsorbent materials for energy-related and environmentally-driven applications. Jahandar Lashaki also teaches courses in pollution prevention and sustainability, air pollution control, contaminant fate and transport in the environment, and environmental science and engineering. He has been the recipient of more than 30 institutional, national and international awards.