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Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe: Is History Repeating Itself Once Again?

Claudia Dunlea
Jewish Culture & History / History
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From the immigrant enclaves of the Parisian suburbs to the drizzly bureaucratic city of Brussels to the industrial heartland of Germany, Europe’s old demon, anti-Semitism, has returned coming out of the shadows. Numerous anti-Semitic attacks have raised the alarm about how Europe is changing and whether it remains a safe place for Jews. How often do incidents of anti-Semitic violence occur in contemporary Europe, and what trends are developing? How are European leaders reacting? These are some of the questions this lecture intends to address. Particular attention will focus on Germany since nowhere in Europe has the postwar imperative to fight anti-Semitism been more complete or more intertwined with national redemption. 

About the Instructor

  • Claudia Dunlea, Ph.D., is a senior instructor of history at FAU. She earned her doctoral degree in European integration history from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Dunlea is the author of a book that investigates the origins of a supranational European foreign policy in the 50s. Her recent research on the diplomatic relations of the European Union was published in two international publications. Having been born and raised in post-WW II Germany, Dunlea developed a deep personal interest in the 12 dark years of her country’s history. Among other topics, she is teaching courses on WW II, aspects of the Holocaust, and modern Germany’s attempt to deal with its Nazi past.