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Architects Frank L.Wright & Frank Gehry ReDesigning Space to Create Feeling & Impact

Karen Roberts
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Do the times make the architecture or does the architect redirect our senses to build “new styles”? Frank L. Wright & Frank Gehry are significant architects of their times. They broke away from mainstream design focusing on modern lifestyle and technology. Personal photographs of architectural sites show Wright's opened spaces between kitchen, dining, & living rooms. These designs opened peoples’ boundaries. Gehry's materials flow through space inspiring awe. Consequently, their designs changed our requirements for our buildings. Just as artists evoke our emotions, have Wright & Gehry refined our senses. "What are these new aesthetics?

About the Instructor

  • Karen Roberts, Ph.D., is an art historian and artist who teaches at FAU, Nova University, and is Professor Emerita at Broward College. As a professor of the year and recipient of two Endowed Teaching Chair Awards, she has been lecturing in the Tri-County area museums and art organizations. Her research reviews art as a reflection of cultural values. She has traveled throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan, and China to pursue first-hand experience.