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Dance Around the World for Beginners

Jill Adomaitis
Personal Improvement

Course Description

Just get up and dance!! More and more seniors are choosing dance, not just as a fun, social pastime but also as a method for keeping their minds and bodies active. Dancing minimizes depression and increases strength and balance. Dancing protects our hearts, reduces pain, and defends us against the onset of dementia. Participants will spend each session warming up together before attempting to master different dance forms from around the world, including the Waltz and the Polka, the Charleston, Line Dances, Latin Dances, Reels and Contra Dances, and Circle Dances, to name a few. Participants should wear comfortable shoes made for dance or those that offer support, like sneakers with minimal grip on the bottom. Handouts will be provided in the first class. Please note, this class is designed for beginner dancers or for those who are more accomplished but would still enjoy the camaraderie and exercise of a dance class. No partners are needed. Come as you are and join us! Space is limited.


  1. Line Dances and Circle Dances
  2. Waltz and Polka
  3. Country Reels and Contra Dances
  4. Charleston
  5. Latin Dances
  6. Dance Party Review of all Dances

About the Instructor

  • Jill Adomaitis, a former ballerina, has been a dance educator since 1981 and is the mother of two professional dancers. Adomaitis began her dance training in Europe and went on to study ballet in both Boston and New York City. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Carolina. Adomaitis is proficient in many forms of dance and is an avid proponent of Brain-Compatible Dance Education and the body-mind connection. She teaches with humor and love, inspiring and motivating students of all ages and skill levels to build self-confidence and trust in their "instruments"... their own bodies!