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Great American Battles of World War II

Edward Shapiro
History / International Relations

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This year is the 75th anniversary of World War II. This  series will analyze the four climactic battles of 1944-1945 in which the United States participated. 


  1. D-Day, June 6, 1944: The Allied Invasion of Normandy in Northern France - The Planning for and the Results of the Invasion
  2. Battle of Leyte Gulf, October, 1944: The Greatest Naval Battle of All Time Resulting in the Capture of the Philippines and the Cutting-off of Japanese Supply Lines to the Dutch East Indies
  3. Battle of the Bulge, December-January, 1944-45: The Greatest Battle in American History
  4. The Battle of Okinawa, April-June, 1945: The Longest and Bloodiest Battle of World War II in the Pacific, and Japan's Defeat Directly Led to Her Surrender in August, 1945

About the Instructor

  • Edward Shapiro received a doctorate in history from Harvard University. His books include A Time for Healing: American Jews Since World War II (1992), We Are Many: Reflections on American Jewish History and Identity (2005), and Crown Heights: Blacks, Jews, and the Brooklyn Riot of 1991. Dr. Shapiro has received awards and grants from the American Philosophical Society, the Oxford Center for Jewish Studies, and Lucius N. Littauer Foundation and has lectured throughout the United States and in Europe and Israel. 

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