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Pathways to Peace: A Spiritual Journey Into a World Without Religious Conflict

Mark Luttio
International Relations / Current Events

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Come join Luttio, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, in a multi-media driven series, coming directly from his six-month sabbatical as the Kathleen Cheek-Milby Fellow. Luttio circumnavigated the globe in search of the causes of religious conflict and the keys to pathways to peace. Luttio trekked over 50,000 miles across the globe by every imaginable mode of transportation, spending significant periods of time in virtually all of the epicenters of our World Religions. From the Western Wall and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to the Basilica of Saint Peter’s in Rome, from the Golden Temple of the Sikhs in Amritsar, India to the Monastery of the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala, Luttio traversed the planet with only a small backpack in hand looking for answers to the exigent problem of religious intolerance. Come join him as he helps uncover a new hope for “Pathways to Peace.” This series will include lectures, discussions, and media presentations (with plenty of stories from his travels to spice things up). 


  1. Getting Started: Why Bother with Religion?
  2. The Middle East and Europe
  3. Asia and India
  4. Pathways to the Future: Overcoming Religious Intolerance

About the Instructor

  • Mark David Luttio, PhD, has been a professor at Lynn University for over 17 years. Luttio is a U.S. citizen, but born and raised in Asia, and thus finds himself at home in the International ethos of Lynn. He is often described as an Asian soul in a Caucasian body. He has travelled and lectured in numerous international venues, most recently at the University of Haifa, Israel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. Luttio's research interests are in the area of comparative religion and he has published works on The Chinese Rites Controversy and Mortuary Customs and Rituals in Asia, as well as an introductory textbook on the subject of World Religions Conflict.

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