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Sanctuary: A Universal Longing of the Human Heart

Mark Luttio

Course Description

Across the landscape of our human hearts, across time and space, our common humanity shares a universal longing for sanctuary, a place of safety, acceptance, shelter and refuge. These longings manifest in our homes, our communities and our sacred spaces. In them we find a connection with the divine and each other, with the communal and individual. We call these sacred spaces “sanctuaries” as they become the intersect between the natural and the supernatural, the physical and the metaphysical; accessed through food, song, gesture and ritual. In every culture, in every religion, without exception, we create and abide in these sanctuaries of the human heart. Space is limited.


  1. How Did We Get Here?: The Pandemic and our need for Sanctuary
  2. Sanctuary in Nature & the Sacred
  3. Sanctuary in Structure & Architecture
  4. Sanctuary in Community & Ritual Gathering

About the Instructor

  • Mark Luttio, Ph.D., has been a professor at Lynn University for nearly 20 years. Moving to South Florida, from Notre Dame, IN. where he served on the faculty of Saint Mary’s College in the department of religious studies, he joined the faculty at Lynn as an adjunct professor in 2002. Since then he has become a professor of philosophy and religious studies in the College of Arts & Sciences, teaching a variety of courses both in the Dialogues of Belief and Reason and the humanities. Luttio is a U.S. citizen, but was born and raised in Asia, and thus finds himself at home in the international ethos of Lynn. He is often described as an Asian soul in a Caucasian body. He has traveled and lectured in numerous international venues, most recently at the University of Haifa, Israel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Tokyo, Japan.