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What's with Jews and Comedy?

Lenny Dave
Comedy / Jewish Culture & History
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What is it about the Jewish culture, the Jewish people, and the Jewish "experience" that not only provides the contextual backdrop for Jews and comedy, but also provides such fertile soil to produce so many of our favorite comedians of the past century? Only the best of the best survived their passage through the narrow and demanding show business gauntlet. They were multi-talented, well-trained and had perfected their craft in Vaudeville, on the Broadway stage, on radio and in motion pictures. Those who "made it" ultimately found their way into your living room as weekly, welcomed guests. For American Jews, though, comedy has always been much more than just a form of entertainment. It has also been an essential channel to connect a group of people with their heritage. This nostalgic, visually engaging, musical and humorous trip down comedy’s Memory Lane includes all of your favorite Jewish laugh-makers of the past 100 years. Who is yours?

About the Instructor

  • Lenny Dave is a nationally recognized comedy historian, speaker, author and humorist. He informs and entertains a wide variety of Active Senior, synagogue and civic audiences… and he’s been doing so for over 30 years! Dave is the only speaker to have performed in both the Red Skelton Entertainment Series and at the Oliver Hardy Festival. As a student of comedy and a professional practitioner of humor, Dave’s highly interactive programs focus on the funny people who have made us laugh for decades.  In performing successful surgery on the human spirit, Dave invites his audience to recall and relive so many happy memories of a time when the best comedy was funny… and clean!  A two-time "Speaker of the Year" nominee, Dave is co-author of Infinite Inspirations and Let Your Leadership Speak. His credentials also include a two-year term as (international) President of the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor.

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