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Living with the Atomic Bomb: 1945-65

Michael Scheibach
History / International Relations
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This presentation examines the impact of the atomic bomb on men, women, and children in the early years of the Cold War and the Atomic Age. It covers the political and military impact, as well as how the atomic bomb affected American society: in the home, the workplace, the community, and the schools. This lecture also includes a closer look at Florida during this time, especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis. There will be both audio and video clips to help visualize this time in our history when people truly believed an atomic attack was not only possible but probable. For the Baby Boom Generation, this historical period represents their childhood, when duck and cover drills and sci-fi movies made indelible memories. The presentation blends the serious side of the atomic bomb with the more comic side of how popular culture capitalized on it.

About the Instructor

  • Michael Scheibach, PhD received his doctorate in American Studies from the University of Kansas. Scheibach taught for 20 years as an adjunct professor and is currently presenting lectures at OLLI at the University of Miami.

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