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Music, Rebellion, and Repression in the Sixties Part I: Burying the ‘50s / Birthing the '60s, 1960-1967

Aaron Leonard
History / Music
Video Catch-up

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There was an array of radical political forces at the heart of events in the course of the tumultuous sixties. At every turn they were met by their opposite number in the government, often embodied in the FBI. Meanwhile, in the midst of all of this, a new culture was brought forward. This lecture will focus on the formative period of the decade, from the "Beatnik Riot" in Greenwich Village, the HUAC riot in San Francisco, to the transformative year of 1967 with the anti-war march on the Pentagon and the Monterey Pop Festival. By using official and formerly secret documents, video clips, and abundant music from the era, the program will reanimate the past, while pulling the curtain back on the secrets of this critical period.

About the Instructor

  • Aaron Leonard is the author of two pathbreaking books on FBI activity in the 1960s-70s period; Heavy Radicals: The FBI’s Secret War on America’s Maoists and A Threat of the First Magnitude: FBI Counterintelligence & Infiltration: From the Communist Party to the Revolutionary Union. He is a regular contributor to the History News Network, Jacobin magazine, and Leonard has a BA in history, with a concentration in social science, from New York University. He is currently completing a book about the FBI and the folk singers of the 1940s & 50s, to be published in the Fall of 2020 (Repeater Books, UK). He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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