Healthy Aging: A Path to a Better Brain

James Galvin
Health & Fitness / Personal Improvement

Course Description

Directed by Dr. Galvin, this presentation will cover topics for individuals who are interested in learning how to lead a better life by making lifestyle changes now that can promote brain health later. Dr. Galvin will be joined by his clinical team Keri Greenfield NP, Niurka Shkolnik LCSW, Iris Cohen SW, and Amie Rosenfeld DPT. Through the use of frank discussion and review of the most current and innovative research, Dr. Galvin will focus on improving cognition and mitigating decline by offering practical tools that anyone can implement now on an ongoing basis. The attendees will gain knowledge on how to cultivate nutrition, exercise, support systems, and mindfulness to optimize outcomes.

About the Instructor

  • James Galvin, MD, MPH is a board-certified neurologist, he has authored over 250 scientific publications and textbooks on healthy aging, cognitive health, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, Lewy Body Dementia, and other neurocognitive disorders. Galvin's clinic, the Comprehensive Center for Brain Health is part of University of Miami located in Palm Beach County. The Comprehensive Center for Brain Health is a research center focusing on the promotion of brain health via innovative research initiatives, and the provision of some supportive clinical services to those who qualify. Dr. Galvin and his group is actively conducting research in the area of memory and cognition loss and prevention, and offers opportunities for those who are interested in participating in research. He and his team also offer the Executive Brain Health program for individuals interested in maximizing cognitive functioning through comprehensive assessments and tailored lifestyle planning.

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