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Deterioration of Democracy in Our Time

Luis Fleischman
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This series will focus on the decline of democracy globally and the implications for the United States and the world. Countries such as Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Venezuela, Bolivia are adopting a model known as "illiberal democracy," where democratic and legal institutions are used to establish authoritarian or semi-authoritarian states. The course will explore how this process is taking place in those countries. Furthermore, it will also explain how the deterioration of democracy makes the world more unstable, increasing the risk of regional and world instability. U.S. Foreign Policy's role in promoting democracy over the last two decades and Russia and China's role in encouraging world authoritarian tendencies will be examined. This series will also try to provide some insights on future developments.


  1. Democracy and Peace - General Concepts
  2. The Case of Russia
  3. The Case of China
  4. Latin America: The Case of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua
  5. The Case of Turkey
  6. The Case of Poland and Hungary
  7. Current Threats to World Stability
  8. The U.S. Response

About the Instructor

  • Luis Fleischman, Ph.D., earned his master's and doctoral degrees in sociology from the New School for Social Research in New York City and a bachelor's degree in political science from Tel Aviv University. He is currently a professor of sociology at Palm Beach State College. Previously he worked for the Jewish Federations of Palm Beach County as Vice President for Community and Political Relations, where he worked on issues related to the Middle East, U.S. national security, and domestic issues. Fleischman is the author of “Latin America in the Post-Chavez Era: The Threat to the U.S. Security”; and “The Middle East Riddle: A Study of the Middle East Peace Process and Israeli-Arab Relations in Changing Times”, (2021). He is the founding co-president of the Palm Beach Center for Democracy and Policy Research.