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Words... Alive! Presents a Dramatic Presentation: "The Four Winds," by Kristin Hannah

Words... Alive!
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"The Four Winds" is a rich, sweeping novel that stunningly illustrates the Great Depression and the people who lived through it - the harsh realities that divided us as a nation and the enduring battle between the haves and the have-nots. A testament to hope, resilience, and the strength of the human spirit to survive adversity, "The Four Winds" is an unforgettable portrait of America and the American dream, as seen through the eyes of one indomitable woman whose courage and sacrifice will come to define a generation. Brought to you by the reading group, Words... Alive! and performed by three award-winning professional actors, this program will bring Hannah's work to life.

About the Instructor

  • Words...Alive!, the reader's theatre performing group, was founded by Carol Clarke Geshlider and fellow actress the late and beloved Eunice Bernard 18 years ago. Having written and/or adapted all of the programs to date, Carol is very proud of their continued success and the friendships forged over the years with talented and inspiring actresses and loyal followers. Every year, Words...Alive! continues to grow and expand with new programs, new clients, and an impressive roster of professional and well-known actresses.