"Words... Alive" presents The Nightingale  by Kristin Hannah:  A Reading and Discussion

Words... Alive!
Drama / Jewish Culture & History

Course Description

Words...Alive has returned year after year to the FAU Lifelong Learning program with their presentations. This year's program is an adapted reading of the book, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It is the story of two sisters who face the Nazi occupation in very different ways. The older sister has a child and a husband at the front and is prepared to do whatever it takes to survive the war. The younger, more adventurous, sister joins the underground. If she is caught, her whole family will be punished which creates a terrible breach between the sisters. The older sister's best friend is Jewish and when the rounding up of Jews starts, she asks her friend to take her baby boy and bring him up as her own. Again, the cautious sister is torn between friendship and putting her own family at risk. It is a great story and a very popular book! 

About the Instructor

  • Words...Alive!, the reader's theatre performing group, was founded by Carol Clarke Geshlider and fellow actress, the late and beloved Eunice Bernard 18 years ago. Having written and/or adapted all of the programs to date, Carol is very proud of their continued success and the friendships forged over the years with talented and inspiring actresses and loyal followers. Every year, Words...Alive! continues to grow and expand with new programs, new clients, and an impressive roster of professional and well-known actresses. 

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