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Words...Alive! Presents: "Exiles" by Christine Baker Kline

Words... Alive!
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In the 1840s, the United Kingdom frequently exiled those found guilty of crimes to penal colonies in Australia. Three remarkable women from varied backgrounds form an unbreakable bond in facing the punishing life they are condemned to live in the "land beyond the sea." Based on actual events, author Christine Baker Kline brilliantly recreates the hardships of life in this new land while unraveling the opportunities for independence these women seized. The professional actresses of the reading group Words...Alive! bring Evangeline, Hazel, and Olive to the stage to tell their harrowing stories. You will not soon forget them or the new way of life they helped to create in Australia.

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  • Words...Alive!, the reader's theatre performing group, was founded by Carol Clarke Geshlider and fellow actress the late and beloved Eunice Bernard 18 years ago. Having written and/or adapted all of the programs to date, Carol is very proud of their continued success and the friendships forged over the years with talented and inspiring actresses and loyal followers. Every year, Words...Alive! continues to grow and expand with new programs, new clients, and an impressive roster of professional and well-known actresses.