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Gandhi for the Twenty-First Century: Attributes and Experiences of the "Mahatma"

Doug McGetchin
International Relations / History

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“Mahatma” Gandhi is well known as a political leader, a spiritual inspiration, and a practical activist advocating nonviolent techniques. Gandhi exhibited many qualities modern leaders would benefit from emulating. He acted to exhibit truth and honesty while campaigning against social inequalities. He promoted self-reliance, responsibility, education, and a sustainable, simple lifestyle. His techniques of nonviolent resistance helped to gain rights for South Asians in South Africa and free India from British colonial rule, providing tools for peaceful democratic change. He was a thoughtful person and a prolific writer, editing multiple weekly publications while sharing openly about his own life and struggles. While luminaries such as Albert Einstein put him on a saintly pedestal, he was painfully aware of his own shortcomings and was even willing to share his vulnerabilities with the public. This lecture examines the best attributes that Gandhi exhibited, features that contributed to his legacy of a revered figure in world history.

About the Instructor

  • Doug McGetchin, PhD, specializes in the history of connections between modern Europe and South Asia. He is the author of Indology, Indomania, Orientalism: Ancient India’s Rebirth in Modern Germany (2009) and several edited volumes. His history courses include world, Germany, India, Gandhi, WWII, and Peace Studies. He is the Associate Director of the FAU Peace, Justice, and Human Rights (PJHR) Initiative for the Jupiter campus.

    Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Professorship in Arts and Humanities, 2018-19

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