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Ode to Beethoven: The Man Behind the Music

Anette Isaacs, M.A.
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To this day, German-born Ludwig van Beethoven, who premiered his iconic 9th Symphony (Ode to Joy) 200 years ago, is the most listened-to creator of classical music. Join German Historian Anette Isaacs for an intimate look at the life and times of this tragic genius who was as famous for his fiery personality as for his divine ability to turn his personal struggles into supreme and powerful melodies.

About the Instructor

  • Anette Isaacs, M.A. born and raised in Germany, received her academic education at Emory University in Atlanta, the University of Vienna, Austria, and the Free University in Berlin and earned master's degrees in history, political science and American studies. She lectures extensively on more than 40 different topics pertaining to her home country's history, culture, politics, and society! She is currently serving as the Director of OLLI at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami.