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The Science of Aging: Extending Healthy Life

Toby Rossman
Health & Fitness / Current Events

Course Description

This series will describe what biomedical science knows about what controls the aging process. It will include theories of why we age, epidemiology of aging, causes of death, the role of genetics in aging and diseases, and other risk factors such as diet and environmental exposures. Science-based methods to extend healthy life will be discussed, including the roles of diet, exercise, and social interaction. Experimental drugs and other approaches will also be discussed.


  1. Facts About Aging Around the World and Through Time: Theories of Aging
  2. Age-Related Diseases
  3. Genetics and Risk Factors
  4. Extending Healthy Life

About the Instructor

  • Toby G. Rossman, PhD, is Professor of Environmental Medicine at NYU School of Medicine. She received research funding for the genetic effects of environmental carcinogens for over 30 years, mainly from the NIH, published over 120 peer-reviewed articles, and was on the editorial boards of four scientific journals. Rossman consulted for the NIH, USEPA and WHO. She is currently a part-time NYU Professor, Director of the Hudson Valley Science Café, lecturer at public venues, and a consultant to the legal profession on toxic torts.

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