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The United States, China and Russia: A New World Order or Disorder?

Robert G. Rabil
International Relations / Current Events

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In his most recent book, World Order, Henry Kissinger affirms that the main challenge for the 21st century is how to shape an international order in a world buffeted by violent conflicts, technological proliferation and radicalism. He adds that, unless the major powers reach a new kind of accommodation about their global roles, chaos would ensue. Practically, this has been a contentious phenomenon because the United States, Russia and China have been more or less pursuing their own national interests. In fact, a brewing Cold War has been simmering among the three major powers as the United States reaffirms its international power and standing, Russia claims and defends what it considers its sphere of influence, and China expands both its soft and hard power across continents. Dr. Rabil will underscore what’s driving this new Cold War and analyze whether these three major powers will help create a new world order or disorder.

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  • Robert G. Rabil, PhD, is an internationally renowned scholar. His books have been highly commended and reviewed by major academic journals. He is considered one of the leading experts on Salafism, radical Islam, and U.S.-Arab-Israeli relations. He holds a PhD in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University. In May 2012, he was conferred with an honorary PhD in humanities from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. He is a Professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University.

    Lifelong Learning Professorship of Current Affairs, 2018-2019
    Lifelong Learning Professorship of Current Affairs, 2012-2013
    Recipient of the 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award

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