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Guided Discussion: Big Powers’ War and Small States

Robert G. Rabil

Course Description

After reviewing the background against which Dr. Rabil has considered that the Ukrainian crisis has evolved into a Big Powers’ War, Dr. Rabil and attendees will explore the impact of the war on small and regional states, which have relationships and interests with both NATO countries and Russia and depend on them for trade and security. Space is limited.

About the Instructor

  • Robert G. Rabil, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned scholar. His books have been highly commended and reviewed by major academic journals. He is considered one of the leading experts on Salafism, radical Islam, and U.S.-Arab-Israeli relations. He earned doctoral degree in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University. In May 2012, he was conferred with an honorary doctoral degree in humanities from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and in 2022 he won the FAU Scholar of the Year award. He is a professor of political science at Florida Atlantic University.

    Lifelong Learning Professorship of Current Affairs, 2018-19
    Lifelong Learning Professorship of Current Affairs, 2012-13
    Recipient of the 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award