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Fun at the Food Network

Bill Boggs
Video Catch-up

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So what started the "Food as Entertainment" craze on television? Boggs was on camera the night the Food Network launched and through the following decade. He takes us behind the scenes at the difficult birth of Food Network with stories of Emeril, Bobby Flay, Anthony Bourdain, and more. The talk features videos from his show, “Bill Boggs' Corner Table”, the first TV show to feature celebrities dining in their favorite restaurants. Guests included Jerry Stiller, Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, Martha Stewart, and more. Boggs closes with his signature end of show question: "Tell us your favorite restaurant in the world and why?" "Boggs' tales of Food Network's early days are revealing and captivating..." Bloomberg

About the Instructor

  • Bill Boggs has a long and distinguished career as a four-time Emmy Award-winning TV host/producer of 15 different programs. He's interviewed thousands of the most significant people of our time; presidents, cultural icons, music legends, business leaders, and movie stars. He is a celebrity speaker on Crystal Cruises, Viking and Silver Seas, a stage performer, and author. Bill's an officer of the Friar's Club in NYC, a member of the Philadelphia Hall of Fame, Board Member of the American Popular Song Society, and was a recipient of the National Father of the Year Award. He is a University of Pennsylvania graduate, and also holds an M.A. from Penn's Annenberg School for Communication. His recent satirical novel, "The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog," was pronounced "ready for the big screen" by the "N.Y. Daily News." He resides on the tranquil island of Manhattan, in Palm Beach, and in East Hampton with long-suffering girlfriend, Jane Rothchild.