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The Songs of Rod MacDonald

Rod MacDonald & the Humdingers
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In 2020, Music Americana Instructor Rod MacDonald released his 13th CD, “Boulevard”, a collection of "first songs" written in NYC's Greenwich Village. Other songs recorded by fellow artists include “A Sailor's Prayer”, which has been recorded by dozens of sea shanty and Renaissance bands, “Every Living Thing”, “American Jerusalem”, and “White Buffalo”. The evening will include stories of Native American reservations, newly-free Czechoslovakia, occasional romances, and multiple tours of Europe, Australia. The Fort Lauderdale Labyrinth Café, where MacDonald sang in concert each year, noted "his personal commitment to communicating events that have affected and shaped our world's societies….MacDonald's songs will stay in your heart and mind long after the music has ended." Join MacDonald & the Humdingers for a fun and low-decibel tour through MacDonald’s life and music, as told in his songs.

About the Instructor

  • Rod MacDonald, guitarist inspired by many musicians, became one of Greenwich Village’s top singer-songwriters during the 1980s and today performs throughout North America and Europe. In South Florida, he has been named “Best Local Acoustic Artist” by New Times and one of the "Ten Magnificent Musicians of Palm Beach County" by The Palm Beach Post, who named his 2014 CD, Later That Night, "Best Local CD of 2014.” He has been a Music Americana instructor at FAU since 2006. Bill Meredith, drummer, is the backbone of several Palm Beach County rock and roll bands, including Big Brass Bed and Illumination. He has toured throughout the U.S. and Canada and appears on more than a dozen CDs. Brad Keller, keyboardist, has performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival and with Maynard Ferguson and the Ink Spots, is the jazz piano instructor at Palm Beach State College, and has taught music in Palm Beach County public schools for twenty years. He is also the co-author of the Jazz Cats books used internationally to introduce young students to jazz. Doug Lindsey, bass and vocalist, has been playing in South Florida bands for 30 years. John Smotherman, lead guitarist, plays with Big Brass Bed, Illumination and several Palm Beach County bands. His exquisite solos caused the Palm Beach Post to label him one of the “Ten Magnificent Musicians of Palm Beach County.”