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All in the Family: Films Starring Siblings, Parents and Their Children Hurricane Nicole Make-up: Thursday, December 15th, 3-5pm

Kurt F. Stone
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Since its earliest days and continuing to the present, making movies has primarily been a family affair. Among the early families to succeed on the silver screen were the Pickfords (Mary, Lottie, and Jack) and the Barrymores (Ethel, Lionel, and Jack).) Think of the Carradines, the Hustons, the Marx Brothers, the Fondas, the Baldwins, and on and on. In this seven-week series, we will meet several families who have acted together in great and largely popular films and learn about the dynamics and interplay of working together.


  1. The Chaplins: "Shoulder Arms" (1918) and "Pay Day" (1922), Charlie and his brother Sid in two short films.
  2. The Barrymores: "Rasputin and the Empress" (1932), The only film in which all three Barrymores appeared together.
  3. The Barrymores: "Arsène Lupin" (1932), John and Lionel costar in a slick detective yarn.
  4. The Fondas: "On Golden Pond" (1981), Henry and daughter Jane costar with Katharine Hepburn.
  5. The Douglases: "It Runs in the Family" (2003), three  generations of the Douglas family (Kirk, Michael and Kirk’s grandson Cameron).
  6. The O’Neals: "Paper Moon" (1973), Ryan and daughter Tatum (who won the Academy Award).
  7. The Mills: "So Well Remembered" (1947), Sir John Mills and daughters Juliet and an uncredited Hailey.

About the Instructor

  • Now in his 25th year with Lifelong Learning Dr. Stone is a true "Hollywood Brat. His passion for film is, he says, "a matter of genetics."

    Recipient of the 2004 Excellence in Teaching Award