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"Bagels in a Dream are not Bagels; They are but a Dream..." An Afternoon with Sholem Aleichem

Kurt F. Stone
Arts & Letters
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"A wise word is no substitute for a piece of herring or a bag of oats . . ." So says Tevya - father, husband, milkman, and philosopher – the most famous creation of Sholem Aleichem, the "Father of Yiddish Literature." Aleichem, the nom-de-plume of Sholem Rabinowitz (1859-1916), was, and is, one of the world's most universally – beloved authors. Often called "The Jewish Mark Twain," Aleichem wrote hundreds of stories, plays, novels, and essays that portrayed the love, laughter, wiles, and weltanschauung of a lost world. Stone has been performing his acclaimed, one-man show of Sholem Aleichem for nearly 40 years, and the hundreds of performances have drawn rave reviews throughout America, Europe and even Australia. Through the course of the "visit," Stone/Aleichem weaves the story of "his" life into tales of Tevya, Golda, Menachem Mendel, and the people of Kasrilevke. A performance not to be missed!

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  • Kurt F. Stone, D.D., is now in his 24th year with Lifelong Learning. His passion for film is, he says, "genetic," having been born in Hollywood, CA, and raised both in and around the movie industry. Stone is a multi-disciplinary sort of man who has also written two well-received books on Congress, published nearly 900 essays, is an ordained rabbi, and earns his living as a medical ethicist.


    Recipient of the 2004 Excellence in Teaching Award