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Sports Celebrity Justice: Athletes and the Law

Stanley Teitelbaum
Law / History
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Some sports heroes who are charged with legal transgressions are afforded excessive leniency because of their celebrity status, while others are held to a higher standard and prosecuted more vigorously than may be warranted. What accounts for the tremendous range in the way sports stars are treated by the law? Among the variables at play here are the psychological makeup of particular judges, overly zealous prosecutors, and the psychology of jurors. This presentation will highlight the predisposing factors that prompt many athletes to lose their perspective and cross legal boundaries in off the field misbehavior without regard for the consequences. Some by-products of fame can encourage athletes' destructive behavior toward themselves or others.The toxic athlete profile which fuels poor judgment and risky choices will be described. High profile cases in baseball, football, and basketball involving transgressions related to sexual assaults and other forms of violence toward women, gambling offenses, and murder will be explored.

About the Instructor

  • Stanley H. Teitelbaum, PhD is a clinical psychologist affiliated with the Training Institute for Mental Health in NYC. He is the author of three books: Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols; Athletes Who Indulge Their Dark Side and Illusion and Disillusionment. Dr.Teitelbaum has appeared on more than 50 national television and radio shows, including ABC's Nightline, Good Morning America, 20/20, and Court TV. He is a featured guest blogger on Huffington Post.

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