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The Steroids Scandal: Its Impact on Society and the Future of Baseball

Stanley Teitelbaum
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During the twentieth century, baseball became our national pastime in which its traditions and records of achievement provided people with a connection for hope and success in our society, until the steroids scandal compelled us to question the integrity of the game. The multitude of deceptions surrounding players using illegal performance enhancing drugs has put a permanent stain on the game. To the extent that sports represents a microcosm of society, the steroids scandal parallels a shift in which scandals of corruption have come to permeate our culture. It is said that steroids has tainted the image of baseball similarly to how Watergate tainted the image of the Presidency. This lecture will trace the history of performance enhancing drugs in sports and the key factors that led star athletes to use them, while disregarding issues such as the effects on personal health and the impact of their role-model images upon kids who need heroes they can admire and trust. Discussion will include the wall of silence generated by the sports writers' misguided reactions, the fans' reactions, and the reactions of the team owners and the leagues all contributed to a collusion which perpetuated the growth of these transgressions. The findings of the Mitchell commission and how President George W. Bush weighed in on the scandal will be examined, as well as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and the Hall of Fame dilemma. In addition, the current status of p.e.d. use, how the game has changed, and implications for the future of the national pastime will be considered.

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  • Stanley H. Teitelbaum, PhD is a clinical psychologist affiliated with the Training Institute for Mental Health in NYC. He is the author of three books: Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols; Athletes Who Indulge Their Dark Side and Illusion and Disillusionment. Dr.Teitelbaum has appeared on more than 50 national television and radio shows, including ABC's Nightline, Good Morning America, 20/20, and Court TV. He is a featured guest blogger on Huffington Post.

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