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A Cinematic Smorgasbord:  Contemporary Scandinavian Film

Shelly Isaacs
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Scandinavia has long been known for its cinematic expressions of realism, religious and moral themes, oddly humorous takes on life, frankness, and technical innovation. This series will explore some of those themes through four contemporary, highly acclaimed award-winning films.


  1. "The Kings Choice": Norway - Three days in April 1940, when the King of Norway is faced with a moral choice in the face of the invading German Army.
  2. "The Other Side of Hope": Finland -  A wry, melancholic deadpan comedy reflecting on the immigration crisis and how the power of human kindness can make a big difference.
  3. "What Will People Say": Norway/Pakistan - In Norway, when her father discovers that his daughter is not what he envisions, he makes a decision that will affect her world.
  4. "Riders of Justice": Denmark - After his wife is killed in a tragic train explosion, a nerdy mathematician shows up with two colleagues who may have an answer.
  5. "Teddy Bear": Denmark - Dennis, a painfully shy 38-year-old bodybuilder who lives with his mother, sets off to Thailand in search of love.
  6. "Woman at War": Iceland - Holla, while conducting a one-woman war against a company threatening to disfigure the landscape, is suddenly faced with a situation that could change everything.

About the Instructor

  • Shelly Isaacs, M.A. is founder and host for Café Cinematheque International, a foreign language film program presented in venues throughout South Florida. As a creative director/writer/producer and director in advertising, Isaacs specialized in promoting movies & entertainment. He earned a master's degree in media ecology studies from New York University, and taught graduate-level courses in cultural studies. In 2009 he launched Cinematheque at Sea, a film program available on luxury cruises throughout the world.