Where Have All The Young Men Gone?: Cinema In Wartime

Shelly Isaacs
Movies / History

Course Description

World War I and II took their toll on humanity, but the lessons they provided did not prevent nations from making war on each other. In these films, we realize the toll any war can take on men, and not just on the battlefield.


1. The Beautiful Country: Vietnam, 2014 - A shy, young Vietnamese man who, in the aftermath of the war, embarks on a personal journey with a young beautiful woman aboard a refugee ship to the US in search of his estranged American father.
2. Tangerines: Georgia, 2015 - War in the Apkhazeti region of Georgia,1990. Ivo, an Estonian man has stayed behind to harvest his crop of tangerines. During a bloody conflict outside his door, a wounded man is left behind and Ivo is forced to take him in.
3. A War: Denmark, 2015 - Company commander Claus Pedersen and his men are stationed in an Afghan province. During a routine mission, caught in heavy crossfire, Claus makes a decision that has grave consequences for him and his family back home.
4. Joyeux Noel: France, 2005 - In December 1914, six months after "the war to end all wars" began, an unofficial Christmas truce on the Western Front allows soldiers from opposing sides to gain insight into each other's way of life.

About the Instructor

  • Shelly Isaccs is founder and host for Cafe Cinematheque, available at many venues throughout South Florida, where he shares his passion for International Cinema. Previously he enjoyed a career as a creative director/writer/producer and director in advertising, specializing in film, TV and radio. Shelly holds an MA in Media Ecology Studies from New York University, where he also taught at the graduate level in Cultural Studies. In 2009 he launched Cinematheque at Sea, where audiences can enjoy his programs on luxury cruises throughout the world.