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Neorealism in the Twenty First Century

Shelly Isaacs
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While Italian neorealism was born out of necessity after WWII and only lasted a little over ten years, it has had a lasting effect on international filmmaking ever since. This session we’ll see 4 films influenced by the neorealist tradition.


  1. "Luzzu": Malta, 2021 - A man risks everything to provide for his wife and newborn son by entering Malta's black-market fishing industry.
  2. "There Is No Evil": Iran, 2020 - Four stories dealing with moral themes of strength and the death penalty asking to what extent freedom can be expressed under the threats of despotic regime.
  3. "The Chambermaid": Mexico, 2018 - A richly detailed exploration of a hotel chambermaid, and how these invisible women provide the hardworking backbone for society.
  4. "Hive": Kosovo, 2020 - A Sundance Triple Award Winner, it is the story of a woman whose husband went missing during the war in Kosovo, and how when she sets up a business to provide for her family, must fight against the prejudice of patriarchal society.

About the Instructor

  • Shelly Isaacs, M.A. is founder and host for Café Cinematheque International, a foreign language film program presented in venues throughout South Florida. As a creative director/writer/producer and director in advertising, Isaacs specialized in promoting movies & entertainment. He earned a master's degree in media ecology studies from New York University, and taught graduate-level courses in cultural studies. In 2009 he launched Cinematheque at Sea, a film program available on luxury cruises throughout the world.