Grading American Presidents on Foreign Policy: 1945 - 2020

Jeffrey Morton
International Relations / Politics

Course Description

In this special one-time lecture, Morton will grade (A to F), the foreign policy records of American presidents since World War II. Find out how your presidential rankings compare to Morton's. How will the foreign policy of Donald J. Trump compare to his predecessors?

About the Instructor

  • Jeffrey S. Morton, PhD is a Professor of Political Science, a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association and recipient of the prestigious FPA Medal, which is bestowed upon leading members of the American foreign policy establishment. He has been honored with numerous university awards, including Researcher of the Year, the Talon Service Award, Master Teacher and University Distinguished Teacher of the Year. Morton has contributed to articles that have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. He directs the Leon Charney Diplomacy Program, which has received thirty-eight national and international awards for academic excellence and placed 1st overall at Nationals in Washington, DC, in 2018.

    Lifelong Learning Society Distinguished Professor of Current Affairs, 2005-2008
    Recipient of the LLS 2002 Excellence in Teaching Award