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The Jewish Civil War

Samuel M. Edelman
Jewish Culture & History / International Relations

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There is a deep divide growing in the Jewish community today that cannot be ignored. There are three areas of conflict that are at the heart of the divide in the contemporary Jewish world: Zionism and Israel, Religion, and Politics. The first rift is exacerbated by newer organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace, who question the very existence of a Jewish nation. Their impact on the community and on Antisemitism will be explored. Religious conflict over the control orthodoxy has over Israeli institutions, marriage and conversion, and the denial of rights to Conservative, Reform and other modern branches of Judaism are ripping the world-wide Jewish community a part. Finally, the division of American Jews into progressive-liberal vs. conservative in US politics has begun to erode a Jewish consensus and voting block that has existed for almost 70 years. These divides, their historic contexts and their implications for the future will be examined.

About the Instructor

  • Samuel M. Edelman, PhD, is the former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles and one of the founding faculty members of the Academic Council for Israel. He is also an Academic Fellow and adjunct professor of Israel Studies and Zionism at the University of Miami’s Miller Center for Judaic Studies. He is the former Director of the Israel on Campus Coalition Academic Affairs Department. He has served as the executive director of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Edelman is also a frequent lecturer on world affairs issues for the high end cruise ship industry.

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