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Today Is a Good Day: Celebrating Life's "Best Day Ever" Moments - Boca Raton

Minx Boren

Course Description

Life happens, and not always according to our best theories, ideas, and strategies. What we learn to recognize as we journey through life is that the most powerful happiness strategy in our human toolbox is our capacity to apply thoughtful consideration, perspective, and compassion to whatever is actually going on when life is not going according to our carefully laid out plans. By doing so, we can reframe whatever is taking place in the most positive and inspiring ways possible. Based on positive psychology, emotional intelligence, brain science, and other well-researched perspectives and practices, this interactive conversation is an opportunity to consider alternative ways of responding to LIFE as it is, inviting each day to delight and inspire us. Coach Minx is the author of a recently released book by the same name, published by SPS Studios Inc., a division of Blue Mountain Arts. Handouts and visuals will be used. Space is limited.

About the Instructor

  • Minx Boren, MCC, is a Master Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation. Boren is the author /co-author of more than 20 books. She is a columnist for various online publications, as well as a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. Since 1994, she has been designing, developing, and presenting innovative programs that support health and balance, reflection and achievement. Boren is a past president of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches and has served on the Board of the Women's Foundation of Florida  from 2007 to 2022. She is a 2013 recipient of the Giraffe Award, presented by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce to women who stick their necks out for others. For more information: